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Google no longer shows icons for none approved signin apps in security page taken a ton of icons down with it.

 If you went in your Google security tab in your account area this morning you probably noticed that a bunch of the icons for the apps connected with your account now have disappeared. If you wondered why this is why from the eyes of the developer of If you don't know what I'm talking about, this page used to have more icons displayed on it. Some accounts didn't suffer from this update like mine but other developers apps had their icons removed because these apps with their icons that have now disappeared include Alogia, (An AI search plugin used by developers) Grepper, and others use to display icons, but don't anymore because their consent screens aren't approved. This doesn't apply to all of them, just some of them. here's a screenshot of the page. If you don't know what I mean by an unapproved consent screen, here's the difference: Here's how the unapproved consent screen looks Here's how the approved consent screen looks: An

Why social signin is more secure

  If you've seen those Sign In With Google/Facebook buttons, you should be using them when possible. here's why. These signing buttons get confused with SSO (Single Sign-On) technology. Single Sign-On is not going to be discussed in this article. For information on that, look elsewhere.  The reason social sign-on is more secure is that you are using one password for everything. Remember the more websites that you enter passwords into the more of a chance you are of being hacked. Not only that the website will only get your email if using the social sign-on option. The password you enter in Google stays in Google even when logging in with third parties. Although if the website prompts for extra permissions like access to Google Drive, then that's when it gets less secure. In that case, the social sign-in popup will show you a screen looking something like this: If it doesn't give a second step like this, you are only giving the site your email, name, and profile photo. O

Fixing adware on Samsung Galaxy S6 in 2020

If you're stuck with a cheap refurbished phone like I am and still own a Samsung Galaxy S6 and it keeps giving you adware popups like mine did, well your in luck because we are going to talk about something called factory resetting. To factory reset follow these steps right here: Go into your setting app and click Backup and reset Then click where it says Factory data reset Then click RESET PHONE  if you want to continue After that follow the verification steps which take longer than they should Now that you've followed those steps you should be good to go.

Are websites tracking me with ads?

As you can see,  had a great point, but there is a solution: For Google, go into  and make sure its toggled in this position Ad personalization is OFF There will be some websites still tracking you but that's a quick and easy solution for Google and YouTube advertisements. Unfortunately, websites will track you no matter what browser or search engine you use even if the service claims not to because their will always be cookies on the internet in order for websites to work properly.

Why you need secure passwords?

As said on , "Unauthorized access is a potentially major problem for anyone who uses a computer or high-tech devices such as smartphones or tablets. The consequences for victims of these break-ins can include the loss of valuable data such as presentations, emails, and music. Victims may also have their bank account information, money, or even their identity stolen. Moreover, unauthorized users may use someone else's computer to break the law, which could put the victim in legal trouble." That's why you NEVER  use your name in your password. "Did you know you never use the same password for another email" -- according to google? That's why you're "never safe than sorry"!